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How Do I Get My Own Website?

It's never been easier to get your site online!

You essentially need two things to get started:
1. A domain name
2. A hosting account

The domain name is purchased through a company known as a "registrar" and they are responsible for keeping track of a domain's owner and where the domain should look for a hosting account.

The hosting account is basically a way to "rent" some space and usage on a computer that's connected to the Internet. That computer space is where your website files and email will be stored among other things.

When you order a hosting account, the host will provide you with "nameserver" information. This is typically in the form of two nameservers (for example, and You can think of nameservers as being similar to a street address. They tell a computer accessing your domain where to look on the Internet to find your hosting account -- remember, the Internet is a pretty BIG place!

Once your host has provided you with the proper nameservers, you would then update your domain name information with your registrar to "point" your domain to those nameservers.

After this has been completed, you may need to wait up to *48 hours for the changes to be visible. At that time, when someone types in your website address on their computer, your domain name is looked up and based on the nameservers you've entered, that will tell that user's pc where to go to actually find your hosting account. 

Of course, that's a VERY simplified explanation of what's working behind the scenes.

*brand-new domain registrations typically take less than an hour to resolve
   HOW DO I...
    get my own website?
    register my domain name?
    get started with my account?
    protect my site and data?
    find out more?
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   Can I purchase both the domain and hosting through Charlottezweb?
Of course!
 Can I purchase my domain and hosting from different companies?
Absolutely! And in fact, some people swear by it. If you're comfortable with controlling your domain and staying current with the bills, there are some advantages to keeping the ownership separate from your host. On the other hand, if you're not very web-inclined and would like the additional assistance, we're happy to handle both parts for you. It's completely your choice!