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How Do I Protect My Site and Data?
As a responsible webmaster, every client should be accountable for regularly backing up their account data  regardless of who you use as a host. This is one of the practices everyone online should strive to follow. The same is also true before AND after you make any significant changes to your website. The one time you forget to backup and lose something valuable is typically all it takes to convince you that the extra time is worth its weight in gold!

That being said, Charlottezweb does offer you some insurance as a value-add. These are meant to be a "safety net" in case something goes wrong but should NOT be used in place of doing your own backups.

All server accounts are backed up daily to a secondary hard drive. These backups are stored in daily and weekly formats. In addition to this, a set of backups is transmitted to a backup server (independent of your actual account server) in the event of a catastrophic event to the server you're using.

Again, these backups are here as insurance but are NOT a substitute to you doing your own backups. There are automated ways within cPanel and using cron (automated) jobs to have this done for you with minimal to no effort required on your part after setup.

The other part of "protecting your site and data" is based upon your password security. You are responsible for your passwords and how difficult you make them. To get the most protection, you should always use complex passwords composed of a combination of the following:
uppercase and lowercase letters
Bad password example: password2
Better password example: ThisisMyPass2
Best password example: T7Xh$kI!mQ
Your cPanel account offers full access to the rest of your site. If you share your cPanel login details with another individual, realize that they will have full access to your account.
   HOW DO I...
    get my own website?
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    protect my site and data?
    find out more?
        -Login and open a ticket
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   Where can I find out how to setup automated backup processes?
There are instructions on our forum as well as some video tutorials.
 How often should I change my passwords?
It's hard to say what a good guideline on this is but we'd recommend changing your passwords monthly for cPanel.  It's also a great idea to use different passwords for everything.  In other words, don't use the same password for a forum login, your database settings, cPanel, etc.  If one of them is compromised, everything is in danger.